Hanri creates simple but striking photography visuals of dancers and yogis through the art of photography. Combining her experience of graphic design, yoga teaching and a deep love of dancing, she brings together her skills to direct and lead a photo shoot to find the perfect moment when a visual tells a deeper story.

Hanri has worked both with professional clients and individuals for a range of different purposes. Her work with dancers include both audition and creative photography. She has worked extensively with  with yoga & pilates teachers  to create commercial and promotional photographs for both online and print uses. Her work has been published online, and in print for the UK yoga magazine Om and in the Viva Lewes magazine.

Originally from Johannesburg, South Africa, Hanri has found her home in the quiet countryside of rural Rutland, England. She travels extensively around the UK for photo shoots, and occasionally to South Africa.

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Presenting a single moment in time beautifully, and as perfectly as possible, with every bit of light taking on meaning. This is my sole purpose when I use my camera . My graphic design experience allows me to compose a balanced layout, my yoga teaching allows me to slow down, focus and direct.


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